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We believe the power of collaboration can bring major leaps for the better of any design project. We created this simple and ridiculously efficient
design collaboration tool to help you do just that.

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It’s much better than using email

Say goodbye to messy email chains or pieces of information scattered all over the place.

Upload and organize images

Collect and organize unlimited projects and designs at one time with the organizing tools needed for you to stay on top of it all.

Share your work and ideas

Upload your designs and create secure, sharable pages for you to explain your design concept, or for your clients or team to review.

Collaborate and get feedback

Get everyone on the same page, literally. Once here everyone can provide feedback and collaborate in realtime.

Everybody on the same page

The easiest and fastest way for you and your clients to get your point across.

You, the designer

Visualtip helps you clarify your client's expectations and feedback so it reduces the number of revisions needed for you to get sign-off and deliver your graphic design projects. This simplifies the project management work and lets you focus on what you actually enjoy doing.

Your clients

Besides the obvious benefits of eliminating marathon meetings, long conference calls or the email back and forth, Visualtip also helps clients contribute to the project and feel involved without the pressure of them looking over your shoulder.

Dieter Rams

Question everything generally thought to be obvious.

— Dieter Rams

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